Marvelous Minecraft



I entered a room full of upset parents, who were there to give me feedback on a Minecraft class I was teaching. "Kids can kill each other" shouts one parent at me. This game promotes violence, aggression and makes kids bullies said another annoyed parent. Games have no place is school, we don't allow video games at home continued the third parent. You get the picture. I stood there irritable & amused. Irritable that they did not trust me, and amused that their predetermined ideas about education prevented them from recognizing Minecraft's magnality.

I knew there were no words to calm the angry mob. The Principal stood at the back corner of the room giving me "the look". I had convinced her about the Minecraft curriculum, and in the next few minutes I had to put out the fire. I decided to invite the parents to experience the game. They can then decide if it is good, bad or ugly.