Robotics with the Raspberry Pi L1 & L2

This camp introduces students to Robotics via the Raspberry Pi, using the PiGlow and Pibrella shields. This is the first course of its kind. No one teaches the fundamentals of Robotics like we do. The Raspberry Pi is a compact, powerful computer that is small enough to fit on portable platforms, thereby making it very practical for robotics. This course allows students to develop, build and program using the Raspberry Pi. Students will work hands-on in teams of 2-3 to complete a set of increasingly complex builds. Students will start to code by learning code basics and logic with the Scratch programming language. In addition, the students will learn how the Raspberry Pi interacts with external modules using the GPIO interface. The PiGlow is an external module that provides 18 individually controllable LEDs. Students will identify and then program the LEDs to create their own customized light patterns. Students can create cool light displays that express their skills with code and logic.
Our Robotics class is the only class where your child will be learning to transition to Python code in a seamless manner. This transition from Scratch to Python (Level 3 for Grades 3-5) is very easy, because it is visual. Python is a very approachable programming language and is suitable for intermediate programmers. Students learn Python faster with this method of instruction, and they gain a strong base of Python syntax. Prerequisites: Robotics with the Raspberry Pi Levels 2 needs Level 1 completed and Level 3 will need Level 1 and 2 completed through Computerwisekids.


  • Level 1: Beginners that have no experience in using a Raspberry Pi (Grades 1-5)
  • Level 2: Intermediate students Grades 1-5. (must have completed Level 1)
  • Level 3: Intermediate students Grades 3-5. (must have completed Level 2)