Minecraft Programming Levels 1, 2 and 3 Grades 1-5

Want to introduce programming to your child in a educational and exciting way? Then, this is the class. Students will learn programming with Lua (programming language) in a Minecraft environment in this class. Lua has clean simple syntax suitable for beginners. Lua is flexible to run on microcomputers, Lego Mindstorm NXT and advantageous to learn because it can be embedded for extensible languages to and from C/C++. ComputerCraft allows a player to have Lua- programmable computer robots. Teaching kids to program using Lua within Minecraft is engaging for the students, and very easy to learn. Minecraft offers a strong environment to teach programming to students of different levels of experience. This intuitive game that allows the players imagination to go wild, and gives them the freedom to craft, create and explore. The students will learn how to program a turtle “robot”, to complete the mission. Students program turtle computers that render basic text-based UIs, with a simple UNIX-like shell. The robots are programmed to do a few jobs as per mission’s goals set for this class. Students will problem solve, work with team mates and strategize to complete their tasks. Example of projects are: build a bridge within parameters, build a tunnel, set up a routine to build or dismantle objects etc. We offer 3 levels of Minecraft Programming classes, each classes teaches a deeper level of programming in Lua. Prerequisite: Must have completed Minecraft CLUB Redstone Engineering Level 1 with Computerwisekids.