Minecraft Club Grades 1-6

The Minecraft Club teaches new techniques and strategies required in the Minecraft worlds.  Minecraft.EDU is an education oriented version of the popular game that gives the player little or no restrictions, thereby allowing the player to move and express themselves in the game.  During class, students will work on a secure server with other students attending the camp and the kids are monitored.  There will be different challenges set up for them to solve and conquer.  The players move in the different worlds of farmland, oceans, hills and grasslands to build, hunt, mine, capture, cultivate, and create objects. The object is to outlive through invention and survival techniques. Students will learn problem solving, creativity, team building and teamwork. No subscriptions needed! We provide logins required. The kids are using an .EDU version of Minecraft that has awesome MODS and many extra features. This game has been recognized and adopted by several leading educational establishments for its ability to engage students in STEM.  If your child loves to play Minecraft, this class is it!.