Preschool Program

The preschool curriculum:
  • Online Safety
  • Simple shortcuts/ commands
  • Keyboard recognition
  • Intro to code with a drone/ robot
  • Digital Art
  • Begin to Code
  • Intro to Typing
  • Computer Basics
  • Digital Art

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Preschool Class

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About the Preschool Program

Over the past decade, personal computers and the Internet have become a part of our lives. Computerwisekids has conducted extensive research of learning method, web technologies and software design to create a practical, fun and educative approach to introduce kids to computers. Our workshops are specifically designed for children ages 3 1/2 - 6 years. Kids learn the basic needed to use a computer. We start with eye hand coordination. Learning about the mouse, the mouse controls; click, double click and the drag and click method. We use proprietary Computerwisekids educational software to teach and familiarize children with the keyboard and components of the computer. The computer is used as a medium for art, craft and writing. Class projects involve art, craft and movie making too! This class stretches the kid's creativity, problem solving and graphical skills. In addition there is online access from home to reinforce and share the work done in class.

FAQ's about the Preschool Program

  1. Explain how the program runs? Our instructors visit your school to teach a group of preschoolers (upto 12 students) for 45 minutes on a weekly basis.  We typically teach at least 3 groups of students on the visit. Each student has their own laptop or ipad to work with.  We use an overhead projector or screen share method to help students follow along the lesson.
  2. What kind of equipment does the school need? The school needs to provide us with internet access.  If the school has laptops or ipads, the cost of the program is lowered.
  3. Do you provide us with monthly newsletters for parents? We absoulutely do! A digital fun informative newsletter is provide to your school for distribution to parents.
  4. How can I keep the cost of the program down? 
    • Assign 1 day for tech classes.  
    • Provide us with laptops or ipads
    • Assign your teacher to run the class.  We provide online training/support and all materails needed to make the class sucessful.
  5. Can we run the program without your teacher? Yes. We provide online training/support and all materails needed to teach the class. The advantages are:
    • Customize: your teacher can customize the lesson to align with weekly/monthly activities in their classrooms.
    • Flexibility: teach any time or day of the week
    • Costs: keeps the program costs down
    • Online programs: the students will still access all the online programs available.
    • Newsletters: we provide you a monthly newsletter with the upcoming computer lessons for the month.
  6. Tell me more about the videos shown at the bottom of the page? The videos are a preschool culmination videos or end-of year projects.  The project was choosen by the classroom teacher. Each students created a page during arts & craft period.  The kids were individually recorded to narrate their part or peice of the story re-told.  This digital storytelling lesson is a favorite with preschoolers, teachers and parents. The kids loved to see their work /hear come to life digitally.   It makes a fantastic keepsake for parents at the end of the year.
  7. Are there summer camp programs for preschoolers? Yes, we can provide summer camp programs at your school.  We provide: moviemaking, coding, and robotics camps. The technology can be run as part of the camp activities and customized to fit your schools needs. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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