Code Drones and Robots Grade 1 - 5

Summer camps has never been so much fun! Campers are looking for treasure hunt and setting up a treasure hunt for their peers. Every day, there is something new to find or solve. They learn to program drones and robots using several apps on the iPad. It is easy to maneuver and control robots with a remote control, however we go beyond that by using logic and simple programming to set up repeatable tasks. Students will program the robots with simple easy style of block coding. The robots will be expected to maneuver and find, retrieve, measure, avoid and sense obstructions as they lead the student to the end of the path and return with reports. Campers will be learning to write the logic using “if” and “then” statements. Optimize their code with “repeat” statements and finally enter their robot is a completion with other camper to test their coding. This camp is designed to challenge the campers and it a favorite camp that students love to repeat. Each camp is unique with different challenges.