Python Beginners Level 2

Python Beginners Level 2 Grades 4 - 8

This class is for Intermediate 2 level students.  We will program two Python based projects during the 5 day session.  Intermediate students will start with a quick refresher of basics. We will learn object Oriented Programming and learn how to program graphics. Python is a very powerful, professional programming language used to create sites like YouTube and Dropbox, yet it is extremely user-friendly because of its simplicity and readability.

Class Details
Class Dates 06/25/2018, 06/26/2018, 06/27/2018, 06/28/2018, 06/29/2018
Duration Session 1: 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Teacher Student Ratio 1:10 Teacher Student Ratio
Max. Class Size 8 students

06/25 Python Beginners Level 2 GR 4-8

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