Abraham Lincoln and Slavery
Many people in the country during this time owned slaves. There were also many Americans who thought slavery was wrong. Abraham Lincoln thought that this argument about slavery was dividing the country. Lincoln worked hard to end slavery and made many powerful speeches to spread his ideas.
Presidential Dogs

 Hi, I am BO
I belong to President Barack Obama and his family.  President George Washington's    dogs were named "Sweetlips," "True Love," "Vulcan," and "Madame Moose."


Mt. Rushmore National Memorial is a huge mountain sculpture of four US Presidents, located near Keystone, in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Presidents depicted are: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. These four Presidents were chosen to represent the founding, growth and preservation of the United States. The work was designed by the sculptor John Gutzon Borglum (March 25, 1871- March 6, 1941).

Story of Abraham Lincoln

Mount Vernon President Washington's Home

Explore the White House
Log Cabin
Abraham Lincoln

The log cabin built by Abraham Lincoln and his father. The was built in 1831, in Coles County, Illinois


In 1836, Lincoln became a lawyer. He first practiced law in Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln needed a place to keep his important papers handy, so he tucked them into his tall black hat!

About The President's Job

The term of the President of the United States is 4 years.

1. Choose cabinet members
2. Command the armed forces of the country
3. Meet with leaders of foreign countries
4. Make treaties with foreign countries
5.Appoint judges and ambassadors
6. Propose new laws
7. Sign bills into law and veto bills
8. Protect and defend the laws of the United States
9. Pardon criminals
10. Report to Congress once a year

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